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Trusted cleaning company that is certified and cleaning for your health and safety

We are COVID registered and IICRC certified, cleaning for your health!!

At NSW Certified Cleaning Service

Our talented team work hard everyday to bring our customers the highest possible outcomes they need and deserve. Our team know how to complete your house cleaning service the right way and they know how to protect your biggest investment, your home. Our cleaners go through training to ensure they are using proper techniques and products. 

Our job as your professional house cleaning service is to help you make the right choice so that you have a successful experience with us. If you purchase less cleaning than you need, you will be disappointed no matter who you hire.

We would like you to have a pleasant experience with our company and not be disappointed with your cleaning, We recommend that all first time cleans start with a Top to Bottom cleaning, most homes require some level of hand wiping and deep scrubbing prior to maintenance cleaning. If your home is already close to a maintenance level and has been professionally cleaned within the past 4 weeks you can choose our budget friendly initial cleaning package.


Prior to becoming a recurring customer, we would need to schedule your initial or your top to bottom cleaning to prepare your home for regular maintenance cleaning this is the only way to make sure that your recurring maintenance cleaning is successful. 

We are cleaning for your health – by reducing indoor contaminants and reducing human exposure to disease and infection. Cleaning protects health first and the structure and contents of the home. It is our job to ensure the safety of your family and your  pets, before, during and after cleaning.


Top-to-Bottom Cleaning

We highly recommend our popular Top to Bottom cleaning as it is our most thorough cleaning service and is the logical time to get your entire home and furnishings spruced up.

The most significant difference between the top to bottom package is the amount of time and detail we spend cleaning your home. when you book our top to bottom cleaning service we are focused on getting your home to a condition we consider maintenance level. To do this, we focus our time on hand cleaning the high and low areas of your home in addition we scrub off any build up in the kitchen and the bathrooms like removing soap scum, debris and dust, and we do all the General cleaning. Our top to bottom is more in depth than our General cleaning.


General Cleaning


OUR Guarantee to You

NSW certified cleaning service guarantees to meet a quality standard on every cleaning If a customer is unhappy with a service we provided let us know within 24 hours and we will resend a cleaner to reclean the areas of concern at no extra cost to you ASAP so get in touch today to receive an initial free quote.​

As a certified professional house cleaner by IICRC I have pledged to perform service in these areas with skill, honesty and integrity to provide the consumer with the highest standard of care and expertise. This means I have achieved a level of expertise at which I understand and can perform the standard of care required to professionally work within the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industry. 

Our Certification

NSW certified cleaning service is a  certified cleaning firm https://iicrcaustralia.site-ym.com/ as a certified house cleaner by the IICRC Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, Certification number 64624091. The purpose of the IICRC's certification is to establish and maintain standards in the industry.

This means I have achieved a level of expertise at which I understand and can perform the standard of care required to professionally work within the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industry. 


Our General cleaning is only recommended if you have had professional cleaning within the past 4 weeks or if your home is new and is less than 6 months old. Our General cleaning is less in-depth than our Top to Bottom cleaning, and is only available if your home is already close to a maintenance level.

We focus our time and energy on the basics rather than on hand cleaning all of the high, low and hard to reach areas of your home, We will not have time to focus on all of the hand washing and wiping that we do in the Top to Bottom cleaning and it is presumed that there is no heavy buildup to tackle.

Need Help With Your Laundry?

We can help you wash, dry and fold your washing that could be magical when you are caught up on all that washing, drying  and folding. If you have regular cleaning every other week, we recommend scheduling Laundry & Light Cleaning in between visits.

If you have weekly service already, we recommend you pick a second day of the week for your Laundry & Light Cleaning day and let us help you with the laundry!



Please take note

We do no not pick up waste, Blood or feces (animal or human)

For insurance purposes, we do not climb higher than 2 steps or on a ladder

For insurance purposes, we do not move furniture like hitches, buffets and bookcases.

Televisions will not be cleaned 

We are not permitted to open glass doors or clean china cabinet.

We ask that your pets be secured for their own safety. A calm pet can become frightened and/ or aggressive when ''introduced'' to our equipment and for our cleaning technician safety.

We also love kids but please don't let them touch our equipment or walk on wet flooring for their safety.

Everyone wants a ''fair deal'' and to get what they pay for. 

Your cleaning pricing is determined by the type of service you need and details about your home like the square footage, the number of bedrooms/bathrooms, number of people and animals in the home and the level of soiling that is necessary to be cleaned and the amount of time that is needed. It is a fairer method for our customers. This is why we offer our Initial and our Top to Bottom packages for your first cleaning.








































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7 Things our clients know about us! 

1. OUR clients know we are not the lowest priced cleaning service in the area!

  • We offer quality service at reasonable prices in order to bring you quality service to clean your home.

2. Our clients know that when they hire us they are hiring a professional cleaning company.

  • We are licensed and insured 

  • We have worker's compensation on all our employees 

  • We conduct background checks on all our employees 

  • We provide all the supplies and equipment to clean your home  saving  you time and money 

3. Our clients know that we are a trustworthy service and well-known in the community.

  • We are an active member of the community and a member of the chamber of commerce 

  • Our references can back up this claim

4. Our clients know that we can provide a one-stop shop for all their cleaning needs. No need to have multiple service providers.

5. Our clients know we use cleaning products, equipment and cleaning methods that are safe for their home, family and pets.

6. Our clients know we can ensure their satisfaction each and every time we clean their home, with regular follow-up and inspections, and on-going communication and feedback.

  • Our employees are trained and use the Perfect Maintenance cleaning concept, the Perfect Maintenance is a structured cleaning concept that ensures that our clients get consistent and thorough cleaning every time. As the business owner of NSW certified cleaning service I have completed a number of Australia courses and I am  internationally certified and recognized by the IICRC Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. 

  • The purpose of the IICRC's certification is to establish and maintain standards in the industry. This means I have achieved a level of expertise at which I understand and can perform the standard of care required to professionally work within the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industry. 

7. Our clients know we love to give back! We provide FREE cleaning service to family to help improve the lives of family living with cancer.

We would love the opportunity to help you with your cleaning need and be able to add you as one of our regular happy customers!!

We Provide Our Best Cleaning Services for You.

Floor Cleaning


Did you know that we can also clean and sanitize your floors? Our goal is to make them shining-clean every time. Spending more time at home means a dirtier home. The mess is installing way quicker and you cannot catch a break from washing, dusting, and mopping all day. Things are especially difficult if kids or pets contribute to the mess. Our advice: let go of the cleaning guild and hire us! We have the tools and resources to help you!

Windows Cleaning


Cleaning the windows especially if you have big ones, can be such a demanding task. Moreover is so annoying when, despite your efforts, the window still has marks on it. Fortunately, we can take this burden off your head and deliver only clear windows always!

Do you remember that feeling you had when you spent the first few days in your new and clean home? We can make you feel that way again. Enjoy living in an everlasting clean environment by hiring us to take care of that for you!

Carpet Cleaning


We understand that using modern equipment is crucial for delivering a truly clean home. That is why we constantly invest in modern vacuums and other cleaning supplies, making sure that we offer you only the best! We understand how important Is to have a clean, healthy, and positive environment. cleaning can take away a lot of the time you can dedicate to spending time with your family. This is why we highly recommend letting professionals handle the cleaning of your home

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