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Our talented team work hard everyday to bring our customers the  highest possible outcomes there need and deserve.

 Our job as your professional house cleaning service is to help you make the right choice so that you have a successful experience with us if you purchase less cleaning than you need, you will be disappointed no matter who you hire.

We recommend that all first time cleans start with a Top to Bottom cleaning so that you are not disappointed and have a pleasant experience with our company. 

Prior to becoming a recurring customer we would need to schedule your initial cleaning prepare to your regular maintenance cleaning this is the only way to make sure that your recurring maintenance cleaning is successful most homes require hand wiping and deep scrubbing prior to maintenance cleaning.


We highly recommend our popular Top to Bottom cleaning it's like spring cleaning. We focus on hand cleaning the high and low areas of your home and is more in depth than our General cleaning in addition we scrub off any build up in the kitchen and the bathrooms and we do all the General cleaning.


Our General cleaning is only recommended if you have had professional cleaning within the past 4 weeks or if your home is new and is less than 6 months old. Our General cleaning is less in depth than our Top to Bottom cleaning, and is only available if your home is already close to maintenance level. We focus our time and energy on the basics rather than on hand cleaning all of the high, low and hard to reach areas of your home, We will not have time to focus on all of the hand washing and wiping that we do in the Top to Bottom cleaning and it is presumed that there is no heavy buildup to tackle.

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Do you know someone that is undergoing cancer treatment?

At NSW certified cleaning service we understand that if you have been diagnose with cancer you maybe facing some difficult times!

When undergoing cancer treatment it can be a difficult time for you and your family and the last thing you want to do when you are  going through treatment is the housework maintaining a clean home can be challenging.

At NSW  certified cleaning service we are committed to helping our community have a healthy and clean home one way we love to give back to our community is by providing free cleaning to cancer patients in the Lismore area who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Are you undergoing cancer treatment? We want to take the stress of having a clean home off your hands so you can look after your health and spend your time with your family. You can apply to receive 2 free maintenance cleanings per year!


We Provide Our Best Cleaning Services for You.

Floor Cleaning

Did you know that we can also clean and sanitize your floors? Our goal is to make them shining-clean every time. Spending more time at home means a dirtier home. The mess is installing way quicker and you cannot catch a break from washing, dusting, and mopping all day. Things are especially difficult if kids or pets contribute to the mess. Our advice: let go of the cleaning guild and hire us! We have the tools and resources to help you!

Windows Cleaning

Cleaning the windows especially if you have big ones, can be such a demanding task. Moreover is so annoying when, despite your efforts, the window still has marks on it. Fortunately, we can take this burden off your head and deliver only clear windows always!

Do you remember that feeling you had when you spent the first few days in your new and clean home? We can make you feel that way again. Enjoy living in an everlasting clean environment by hiring us to take care of that for you!

Carpet Cleaning

We understand that using modern equipment is crucial for delivering a truly clean home. That is why we constantly invest in modern vacuums and other cleaning supplies, making sure that we offer you only the best! We understand how important Is to have a clean, healthy, and positive environment. cleaning can take away a lot of the time you can dedicate to spending time with your family. This is why we highly recommend letting professionals handle the cleaning of your home

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