Cleaning the Counter


Our General Cleaning

Our General cleaning is less in Depth than our Top to Bottom. Its available if your house is already pretty close to maintenance level. Its presumed that there is no heavy buildup to tackle.

General Cleaning

We focus our time and energy on the basics rather than on hand cleaning all of the high and low and hard to reach areas. We focus on the bathrooms, kitchen, floors and general dusting like the table tops and furniture throughout the house. 

Our General Cleaning Includes:

  • scrubbing the tubs

  • showers

  • toilets, and sinks and ''windexing'' the mirrors.

  • We wipe down counter tops and appliances, dust the furniture.

  • We sweep or vacuum all bare floors

  • Mop the bare floors and vacuum the carpet. 

Our General Cleaning Don't Includes:

We just wouldn't have time to focus on

  • All of the handwashing and wiping that we do in the Top to Bottom cleaning.

  • Cleaning the ceiling fans, the doors, cabinets, molding or trim, vacuuming the blinds, carpet edges or hand wiping the pictures on the walls. 

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