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Do you know someone that is undergoing cancer treatment?

At NSW certified cleaning service we understand that if you have a child who has been diagnose with cancer you maybe facing some difficult times! NSW certified cleaning service is the only cleaning service in Australia  to partner with cleaning for a reason as a fundraiser partner we are dedicated to helping make life easier for people undergoing caner treatment all over the world.


We Are Committed to helping Our Community

When your child is undergoing cancer treatment it can be a difficult time for you and your family and the last thing you want to do when you are going through treatment is the housework maintaining a clean home can be challenging.

At NSW  certified cleaning service we are committed to helping our community have a healthy and clean home one way we love to give back to our community is by providing free cleaning to family's of children who are under going cancer treatment. in the Lismore area 

We want to take the stress of having a clean home off your hands so you can look after your children health and spend your time with your family. You can apply to receive 2 free maintenance cleans just let us know by calling or emailing us.


Free house cleaning for family's of children undergoing cancer treatment IT'S SIMPLE we will be independently cleaning for children who are undergoing cancer treatment in the Lismore and surrounding community, just pay $2 US  extra every time we clean your home. 100% off your donation will go to cleaning for a reason, the nonprofit we fundraise with that provide FREE housecleaning services in the US, each time we clean your home and you make a donation to cleaning for a reason you will receive FREE lottery ticket into the kids with cancer Australia draw as a thank you. we will also be donating care box's to children with cancer from Kids with cancer Australia. 

We are committed to doing our part and we enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes from our volunteer efforts and it is a privilege to be able to help families in our community during this difficult time and doing what we know best-cleaning homes. 

We have pledged to raise $1000 in the next 12 month for cleaning for a reason in there $10k challenge.

Cleaning for a reason is the only organization in America cleaning for people undergoing cancer treatment cleaning for a reason has partnership with 1200 maid service throughout the united states and Canada, and has 16 years of dedicated service for people battling cancer. More than $14 million in free service have been donated, helping more than 41,000 people with cancer and is a signature ISSA charity, the charitable arm of ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry Association.

 Please visit cleaningforareason.org to learn more about cleaning for a reason. or if you would like to help us make a difference please make a donation all donation are tax deductible.

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