We Are COVID Safe

Over the past few months we have been staying home more and our children have been home-schooled this means that you and your family have been using the house more, The reality is if your surrounding are not clean COVID-19 will be around much longer than everyone would like it to be.

When you hire us you are helping to combat the spread of the pandemic, our cleaners are trained on how to clean your home professionally without risking infection or spreading it around reducing the risk to you and your family.


NSW certified cleaning service is registered as COVID safe very day we are following strict cleaning and hygiene procedures at all our customer home's and are continuing to work closely with all relevant authorities and following the guidance provided by the Australian Government Department of Health and relevant state Departments. Currently no one on our team has the virus and we trust that your family is free from it as well, like you, we too are concerned and will keep you informed if our health status changes. Our employees are asked to fill in a pre-shift surveys before every shift of the day if there have symptoms there will not attend your home if your house cleaner has been diagnosed with COVID-19 first, they will have to be verified from a doctor office, they than have to self quarantine for 2 weeks and they are not allowed to come back to work unless there is verification from a doctor's office that COVID or any other illness is not present. 

we are here to help you keep your home hygienic, sterilized and spotless. we all need to maintain high levels of hygiene. WE ask that of any person in any of the home's we clean if any one in your home has symptoms of illness we ask that you call to postpone or reschedule your cleaning we email almost every customer before every cleaning to check to make sure there are symptom free.

It's more important now than ever to be using a professionally trained cleaning service that will NOT cross contaminate!

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Helping to keep you safe!!

You might like to know about the measures NSW certified cleaning service has taken to manage the risks of exposure to COVID-19 when we visit client's homes.

These include:

  • Our employees have been given masks and hand sanitizer to keep for themselves at all times while on the job. If you see employees wearing masks do not be alarmed our employees are taking extra precautions. 

  • We will use hand sanitizer before entry and after exiting each customer home.

  • We will be wearing disposable gloves while cleaning each home to maintain the integrity of that home without cross contamination.

  • We are providing additional training that includes how to properly put on and take off PPE so they don't re-contaminate surfaces or contaminate themselves.

  • As an extra precaution for you and your family during this time, we have added a new high-touch procedure where we use a disinfectant cleaning agent on all door knobs, light switches, door frames, handrails, and other high touch areas of your home. we are committed to providing our clients Top notch service.

  • We follow the Australian colour-coding this is designed to prevent the same cloth that has cleaned a kitchen being used to clean bathrooms therefore preventing cross contamination.

  • ALL our customer home are equip with a set of clean mop heads and clean cloths some of the lager equipment like mop buckets, vacuum cleaners and  spray bottles are cleaned after each use.

  • Our staff have on hand a hospital grade disinfectant, For your protection while in your home, we will keep our 4 foot distance from you and your pets.

  • It's more important now than ever to be using a professionally trained cleaning service that will NOT cross contaminate!