Cleaning for your Health and Safety  

You may think that cleaning for health and safety isn't as important in your home than at work but there are hazards even in your home environment. Traditional cleaning methods and products have been shown to have potentially adverse health effects for both the homeowner and the cleaning technicians.

we understand that you need a service that is able to deliver you the healthiest home environment possible. Chemical contamination, poor cleaning procedure's and improper chemical use can lead to acute and chronic symptoms including:

skin and eye irritation,

kidney and liver damage,

reproductive disorders including birth defects,


respiratory ailments,

endocrine system disorders, 

central nervous system disorders these effects can be permanent or even include death.

That why at NSW certified cleaning service we are looking after our customers health and well-being by reducing indoor contaminants and reducing your exposure to bacteria and viruses. 

 As your residential cleaning company is it our responsibility to reduce the health and safety risks you may face. Our cleaning technician's are trained to clean your home by executing some simple measures and precautions, that will  keep you, your family and your pets, healthy, safe and injury-free before, during and after cleaning.


We do this by using environmentally friendly cleaning products and understanding that microfiber cloths and mops capture 99% of particles and has a positive charge which attracts dirt, germs, soil and dust, this help to reduce the amount of  cleaning product that is need to clean your home.

We understand that  Bacteria and viruses can take up residence on cloths and mop heads which can than easily be spread around the home this is why we have implemented the Australia colour coding system to prevent spreading contaminants by not using the wrong equipment and tools in the wrong area. All our clients home's are set with a clean set of mop heads and cloths for each home we clean. We are able to help remove illness causing pathogens and eradicate cross contamination. 

We also help you to improve the overall indoor air quality of your home today's modern vacuums feature filtration systems capture 99.9% of particles than traditional vacuums. 


There are some things that we are not able to fix as your professional cleaning service, Sick building syndrome may include

poor ventilation,

moisture problems,


artificial lighting, 

excessive dust that  can make your family sick.

Symptoms of sick building syndrome on your health can include:

Eye, nose, throat irritations,

skin irritations.

Neurotoxic symptoms including




physical fatigue,

difficulty in concentrating,



Hypersensitivity resulting in runny nose, teary eyes, and asthma-like symptoms.



Cleaning protects your health and the structure and contents of your home, we understand that you need a service that is able to deliver you the healthiest home environment possible.


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